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My Story

Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m the cook, the baker, the author, and the recipe maker behind Color Me Veggie.

Here’s my story:

I grew up in northern Indiana in a small town at the edge of a lake, surrounded by cornfields as far as you could see. Life was good, and with lots of brothers and sisters to play with and a patch of woods to spend the summer days in and a small pond to skate on in the winter, I loved every minute!

My parents always made sure I ate healthy food when I was young, but when I was a teenager, we moved to another state, I got a couple jobs, and with a full schedule, I had no time for meals at home anymore. With the enormous size of my sweet tooth, I had no business fending for myself! I lived off of candy bars and Mt. Dew for several years (seriously, that’s all I ate! Oh, and ice cream), but luckily, I had the speediest metabolism ever, so it didn’t show on my figure!

That was about to change.

My health journey has been full of ups and downs and some crazy diets! That super fast metabolism I started with gradually got slower and slower, until one day I realized that somehow I’d ended up with an extra 25 pounds and a serious addiction to dessert.

Last year, after reading some books like Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, among others, I was suddenly fully aware of the dangers of sugar and processed foods and at the same time, blown away at the amazing, life-giving properties of whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. I decided right then to completely and drastically change the way I ate.

I went cold-turkey.

I completely gave up all sugar and almost all processed foods and adopted a real-foods approach to eating. In fact, for over a year, and until very recently, I also gave up all animal products, eating no dairy or eggs or meat.

The change in the way I felt was immediate and wonderful! I went from being bloated and sluggish after meals, to having plenty of energy and no intestinal problems at all! I never felt too full after meals either, which was almost as great as the total absence of guilt or regret after eating!

A balanced diet is key to lifetime change.

My diet today is mostly plant-based, but now includes eggs, seafood, and occasionally grass-fed beef from cows my husband and I raised ourselves. I still stay away from all refined sugar, and insead find ways to sweeten things naturally, using fruit or raw honey or pure maple syrup. Even those treats are only enjoyed on occasion.

I eat whole fruits for my daily desserts, and look forward to them a lot! I have come to realize that this is the reason we have what we call a sweet tooth– so we will want and enjoy fresh whole fruits!

You don’t have to do it all at once. Small steps still get you to where you’re going!

I don’t belive everyone has to be as drastic as I was in giving up every unhealthy thing all at once. For me, with such a strong addiction to those foods, I had to go cold-turkey and just get rid of it. Much like folks with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there was no moderation or just having a little for me.

After only a week without eating any sugar or junk foods though, I completely lost all cravings for them. I mean completely. I could (and can) look at pictures of gooey chocolate brownies without feeling any desire to eat them. I can smell fresh, glazed doughnuts and seriously enjoy the scent, but not care at all to eat them. Still to this day, over a year later, I feel the same! I love the smell of cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies, but never once do I crave them or want to eat them.

Maybe you can do moderation. Maybe you can just eat junk food in limited portions or on limited occasions. I know many people that can. If you are one of those people, be glad and go for it!

It has to be simple or I won’t stick to it.

Many healthy recipes include so many ingredients and complicated processes to make them that I get discouraged before I even start! I’ve decided that I want to find ways to simplify healthy eating, using easily-found ingredients and convenience foods, as well as ways to prepare ahead, so that cooking nutritious meals is doable and fun!

I want to share what I learn and recipes I try and tips that I have found helpful with you, so we can all love how we feel and look, and not have to stress out about it. We can enjoy the journey to a healthier and more delicious life!